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When I started working on renovating my home, I knew that I needed to do something in order to make sure things were done according to code. Even though I had previously committed myself to doing all of the work on my own, I knew that it wasn't in my home's best interest to try my hand at things I wasn't familiar with. I began searching for professional contractors, and I was able to find an expert that really understood the intricacies of well-done construction. He worked hard to make my home beautiful, safe, and valuable. This blog is here to help people to invest in better construction.


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Siding Selection: Stone Veneer Siding Basics

Your home's siding is a vital part of the home's exterior defenses. You want to make sure that your siding is in good condition at all times, and sometimes that means replacing it. Whether you are replacing it due to wear and damage or you're looking to give your home a whole new look, new siding is a great choice. Here's what you should know about opting for stone veneer as your new siding choice.

Choosing A Stone Veneer Siding Style

Before you can install any stone veneer siding, you need to decide which style you want. You can opt for stone siding that is manufactured in panels, like traditional siding, which will simply snap together in place like most vinyl siding would. Alternatively, you can also opt for veneer pieces. This type of siding comes in small pieces of differing sizes and shapes, though they are all matching styles. You'll have to piece this type of siding together to get the look that you want, so siding might take longer to install this way.

Seeking Professional Installation

Choosing stone siding is the first step in getting a whole new look for your home, but then you need to determine how you want to have the siding installed. You could do the work yourself, but that comes with some risks. Stone siding, when not properly installed, can absorb moisture and leave that moisture trapped between siding panels and your home, leading to mold and structural issues.

You can avoid all of this by opting for professional installation. That way, your siding will be properly secured and sealed to help you prevent any kind of long-term moisture damage due to the porous nature of most stone veneer siding.

Considering The Smaller Details

When you're ready to settle on stone veneer for your siding, there's one other thing that you need to consider. You'll want to think about the quality of the siding that you choose. If you opt for stone veneer siding, make sure you choose siding that is colored during manufacturing instead of siding that's painted. The paint will wear and chip over time, while the color incorporated during manufacturing will last.

For more information, you can reach out to a local siding supply and installation company, like Select Exteriors. They can help you find the stone veneer siding that's right for your home and may even be able to help you negotiate the installation process as well.