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4 Ways To Make Your Steel Office Building Cozy And Inviting Inside

Not only are steel buildings from a place like Commercial Industries Company Inc. energy efficient, but they also won't warp or bend as time goes on and they're typically easy to maintain. They have a sleek and clean look, but they can feel a bit stale inside without the right décor and furnishings. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your steel office building is inviting and comfortable inside:

Soften Things up with Tapestry Hangings

An excellent way to soften the building up and make it a little cozier is to hang cotton or vinyl tapestries along the walls. This technique will give the walls some fluidity and make the building seem less sterile and stuffy inside. And your tapestries will even help to protect your steel walls from damage when the backs of chairs or tables hit them. They'll keep dirt from building up on the walls too.  

Consider having custom tapestries made that feature your company's logo or replications of your favorite artwork. Otherwise, you can simply choose your favorite material from the fabric store and have a seamstress make tapestries out of them – you'll have to provide them with the exact dimensions of each wall you want to cover for a custom fit.

Create Depth with Multi-Level Shelving

To create some depth within your steel office building, you can install multi-level shelving throughout it. Use waist-height shelving as side tables next to your seating for books and paperwork, and install floating shelves over your tapestries high up on the walls for the less used knick-knacks. Make the shelving look built-in to your building by lining an entire wall with shelving units of different heights. Hang circular shelves from the ceiling to put plants on.

When choosing your shelving units, make sure they feature different colors and textures to keep things interesting and ensure that the space is aesthetically interesting. Try sanding steel shelves and installing them on a bare wall to make them look like they were built into the structure. You can create texture yourself by lightly sanding the shelves after buying them or using stencils to paint designs on them.

Influence Emotions with Some Color

Whether you're buying tapestries and shelving or shopping for throw pillows and area rugs, it is very important to carefully consider your color choice for each piece. Every color you use in the office is likely to affect the emotions of any employees and clients who spend time there. To ensure that you design an environment with a positive energy flow, consider incorporating colors throughout your steel office building such as:

  • Yellow – invoke some extra happiness and a positive frame of mind for those tense business and sales meetings.
  • Orange – encourage enthusiasm among employees to improve their overall production levels.
  • Blue – keep blood pressure levels low and the mind relaxed at your employees' workstations.
  • Purple – create a sense of sophistication, drama, and luxury that high-end clients are sure to appreciate.

Use just one or two colors as your major accents throughout the office building, but don't be afraid to infuse more color through designs in things like your artwork, seating, and area rugs.

Increase Privacy with Room Dividers

If your steel building doesn't already feature enclosed rooms for employee workstations, meetings, and eating, you can increase privacy and make clients feel like there is plenty of designated space available to meet all their needs. Choose room dividers that are tall enough to provide privacy even when people walk by them. You can buy dividers that are covered with vinyl or another easy-to-clean material, or choose ones that are made of steel to match the overall structure of your building.  

Using a combination of these tips and tricks will surely breathe some new life into your reliable steel office building and ensure that everyone who spends time there enjoys the experience.