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Your Leaking Asphalt Roof: How to Pinpoint and Remedy 3 Common Problems

Nothing is more disheartening than being woken up by the dripping sound of a leaking roof. If your roof is leaking, your first thought might be that the roofing shingles are damaged or missing. In many cases, the issue isn't this severe or potentially expensive to remedy. Here are three common causes of a leaking roof, how to pinpoint the issue, and how to easily remedy the problem.

Clogged Gutters

If your home's roof is leaking in one or multiple spots, the issue might not be the roof at all. In many cases, if your gutters are filled with leaves, dirt, and other debris, any excess rainwater that cannot drain down the spout and into the lawn can spill onto your roof.

In addition to causing you trouble in the warmer months, clogged gutters can be especially dangerous in the winter because they can contribute to the formation of ice dams. Additionally, if the gutters become too heavy with snow, ice, and other debris in the winter, they can easily fail under the tremendous weight.

The simplest solution to this problem is to grab a ladder and clean out the gutters yourself. The best way to accomplish this is to first scoop out any debris with your hands or a small shovel. Once the majority of the debris is eliminated, flush out the gutters with a garden hose.

 If you want to leave this chore to the professionals, you can expect to pay on average around $146, according to Home Advisor.

Improperly Sealed Valleys

The valleys of your roof refers to the area where the two sloping sections of shingle meet. Because the valleys are at a spot where two separate sections of shingles meet and because the area is sloping, the valleys are sealed to prevent any water from leaking into your home.

The best way to tell whether faulty valleys are the culprit is to climb up on the roof and inspect them carefully. If the valleys are missing sections of shingles, or if you notice several water spots on the valleys, you have found the reason why your roof is leaking.

Unfortunately, if the valleys were improperly sealed when they were installed, if your roof is older, or if the valleys have been damaged by years of snow, ice, and rain, it would not be unusual for your roof to leak. If this occurs, consider leaving this job to a professional. Installing new ice and water shields and shingles properly can be tricky, and if you don't perform this task properly, you will experience more leaks.

Poor Ventilation

In addition to keeping your home nice and cool in the summer, those ridge, static, or gable vents found on your roof also serve a very important purpose: they release moist, humid air from your home and attic. If your roof isn't properly vented, all of that moist air can get trapped in your attic and beneath the underlayment.

Eventually, the condensation that forms will create water droplets that will leak through your ceiling. The best way to determine whether this is the cause of your home's water damage is to head up to the attic. If the attic is excessively humid and hot, the culprit is inadequate roof ventilation.

The best way to remedy this problem is to first examine your existing roof vents. If there is damage or debris that is blocking the existing vents, fix the issue by replacing the vents or cleaning them out. After you clean or repair the vents, if you are still having an issue with condensation and humidity, you may need to install extra vents on your roof.

If this is the case, contact a professional for assistance. A professional will have the tools and knowledge necessary to properly install the vents in the ideal spots on your roof.

From clogged gutters to improper ventilation, there are several reasons why your roof could be leaking. If you cannot pinpoint the reason why your roof is leaking, or if you want a roofer to tackle the repair, don't hesitate to contact a professional such as Allen Roofing & Construction Inc immediately.