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3 Fence Additions That Keep Pets In And Wildlife Out

In addition to looking good and securing your privacy, appropriately fitted fences keep your pets safe from harm. If your fence lacks the components needed to keep your pets inside, they might run away or suffer an injury while outside the gates. Furthermore, wildlife could scale your fence to make their way inside your yard, which may threaten your pets' safety. Luckily, you can have your fence expert install custom components designed to keep your pets inside and wildlife out. Here are three protective parts to consider.

Coyote Roller

Whether you have chain link or wood fencing, you can have coyote rollers installed at the top to keep animals from clearing the fence. When animals jump over a tall structure, they often use their paws to pull themselves over the top edge. A coyote roller is a spinning bar that does not allow animals to grip this edge. Instead, they are gently pushed back down the side of the fence to the ground below. Keeping these animals out is important since they often carry harmful diseases, like rabies and the plague, which could harm your pets.

The low profile appearance of the rollers does not disrupt the look of your fence too much. From afar, the roller just looks like a decorative topper running along the fence line. You can further minimize visibility of this structure, however, by having the rollers and brackets painted black or gray.

Curved Topper

If you prefer the look of a trellis on your fence, consider the curved topper device. The mesh material used for this device tends to blend into the skyline or just look like a decorative addition. Cats and dogs inside your yard will not be able to clear the curved mesh to make it over the fence. Most give up after a few attempts to hop out of the yard. In addition, the curved mesh is too soft to allow small animals, like squirrels and rodents, to walk on top.

Fence installers must place this material over the gates as well, making them a bit cumbersome to open from the inside. You can have an extended handle installed on the inside surface of the gate to make it easier to pull open. If either of these options does not work for you, consider having your gate or fence height increased to keep the barriers out of your way.

High Spikes

For six foot tall fences, consider a row of blunt spikes as a deterrent. Spiked lattice is the safest and most attractive option for wood fences. You can create a beautiful pattern by alternating spike height or arranging them in a curved configuration. 

The spikes work by looking intimidating and increasing the height of your fence, not by causing harm to pets or wildlife trying to jump over. The spikes will scare off opportunistic wildlife, like raccoons, by increasing the effort needed to leap the fence for an unknown reward. Tightly placed spikes offer the additional benefit of acting as a bird deterrent. Squirrels and rats, however, may not feel thwarted by the presence of the spikes.

Finding The Right Solution

Talk to your fence installer about your pet type and troubles keeping him or her inside the gates. Also, mention the types of wildlife attempting to breach your fence perimeter. Fence installers like York Fence can source and install the solutions above or offer alternatives designed to help you keep your pet safe.

Installation of the pet confinement devices does not take much time and will not destroy the beauty of your fence. Many of the solutions are removable, so you can switch the items out for different ones if your chosen solution does not meet the benefits you seek. Once you find the right fence configuration, you might even be able to forget about this trying issue for good.