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3 Things To Look For When You Shop For A Garage Door Opener

If you are in the market for a new garage door opener, it can be overwhelming to choose between all of the options available at your local home improvement store. However, keeping a few key features in mind can help you to whittle down your choices in no time. Here are three things to look for when you shop for a new garage door opener.

1: Opening Speed

Do you hate sitting there and waiting for your garage door to open or close? Not only does a slow garage door opener demand patience, but it can also affect the security of your home. After you hit the close button and drive away, a garage door that takes its time to shut can leave your home susceptible to quick-thinking intruders.

Believe it or not, different garage door openers work at different speeds. Although the average opener moves your door along at about 7 inches per second, you can buy models that work twice as fast. Before you go shopping, time your current garage door. If you are unhappy with its speed, consider choosing a model that can take care of the job a little more quickly.

If you don't have a garage door opener and are looking to install one, measure the height of your door, so that you can calculate the closing speed as you shop for new devices. For example, if you have a door that is 12 feet high, it would take the standard 7-foot-per-second opener about 20 seconds to open or close your door.

Thinking carefully about how fast you want your system to work can keep you from constantly waiting, and might even help you to keep your home secure.

2: Safety Devices

Did your parents have a garage door opener when you were a kid? If they did, chances are that you remember long games of ride-the-garage-door with your neighborhood friends while your parents were away. Unfortunately, garage doors can be dangerous if the proper safety devices aren't in place. In fact, it is estimated that over 20,000 people visit Emergency Rooms each year with injuries caused by their garage doors.

Garage door opener manufacturers have responded to this staggering statistic by creating a huge range of safety devices. Newer garage door openers can reverse when they exert more force than they should, detect movement in the path of the door, or even cut their own power when the door hasn't closed in the appropriate amount of time.

To keep your family safe, purchase an opener with standard safety devices. You never know who will decide to tempt fate by using your door improperly, but safety features can keep your kids and their friends from being hurt. 

3: Other Cool Features

After you find an opener that meets your essential needs, you can peruse all of the fun features that modern garage devices boast. Here are a few other options that might help to make your life a little easier.

  • Self-Diagnostic Systems: Worried about troubleshooting your device? Many new garage door openers come along with self-diagnostic systems, which can indicate problem areas by flashing LED lights. 
  • Vacation Settings: If you are going away for a while and don't want to worry about thieves entering your place through your garage, look for a model that allows you to program vacation settings. This feature will disable your opener for the time that you are away, making garage entry impossible for burglars or curious neighbors. 

As you shop for a new system, think about your garage opener pet peeves. Chances are that there is a system out there designed to solve any challenge you have encountered, so that you can enter and exit your garage with the greatest of ease. 

Understanding your garage door opener options can help you to pick the right device for your needs from places like, so that you can end up with a system that you love.