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Decorative Concrete Trends For 2014

Decorative techniques can transform plain, gray concrete into something aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking to install a new concrete surface, you may be considering one or more of these techniques. With so many different decorative concrete looks out there, it can be hard to find the one look that is right for you. If you love being stylish and modern, looking at trends may help you decide what look best fits your needs. Here are a few decorative concrete trends for 2014.

Metallic Concrete

The shine of metal is expected to be a huge trend in home improvement projects throughout the rest of 2014 and into 2015. And that trend can be incorporated into your concrete surface with a few new metallic concrete products

Concrete manufacturers now have the ability to add reflective pigment into the concrete mix. Once it is poured and begins to cure, you can get the reflective quality and color found in many popular metals, such as brass, copper and nickel. However, since it is a pigment, it won't heat up or get hot like a surface that is coated with actual metal flakes. This makes it a great choice for use both on your indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces.

If you are considering going with a metallic concrete, it is always best to ask for samples of what the concrete will look like. The more pigment that is added to the mix, the more reflective the surface will be. Some people prefer hints of metallic sheen to their surface, while other people want the surface to be bold. Asking for a sample helps ensure the amount of pigment is exactly what you want. 

Polished Concrete

Another of the hot decorative concrete trends for 2014 is polished concrete. Polished concrete is a concrete surface that has been polished to make it smooth and then coated with a clear coat to make it shiny. Polished concrete may also be colored. 

The reason polished concrete is so popular is because it has a finished appearance to it. Many people who use concrete in their homes for floors or countertops go with a polished concrete finish. However, polished concrete is becoming more popular for outdoor surfaces, such as driveways and garage floors as well. 

If you are considering a polished concrete surface, it is important to keep in mind that it can be slippery when wet and dirt and dust can make it dirty quickly. As such, it may not make the best choice for a pool surround or outdoor surface. But, if you are installing a concrete surface in your home, polished concrete may give you a finished, classy look.

Large Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete has been a popular decorative concrete technique for many years now. After concrete has been laid and smoothed, it is stamped with a tool that creates an impression in it. Often this impression helps concrete look like bricks, tile or stone. However, one of the newest trends for stamped concrete is making large impressions in the concrete. 

Large abstract shapes can be stamped into the concrete, giving the concrete surface a unique, artistic feel to it. This can make the surface look modern and edgy. Stamped concrete is ideal for use on both your indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. 

If this is something that you are interested with, work with your decorative concrete installation company to come up with a pattern before the concrete is stamped. Once the concrete is stamped, it is too late to go back and change the look of the concrete. Creating a design or image on paper helps ensure you and the installer both know what the surface should look like when the stamping process is complete. 

A decorative concrete surface does not have to be plain and gray. Pigment can be added to change the color, etching can be done to create design and stamping can be done to alter it's texture and overall appearance. If you are looking to install a new concrete surface, learning about trends may help you decide what techniques you want to use to add life and style to your new surface.